Blending, Grinding
Stainless steel, high tensile alloys
Carbon steel, cast iron
Non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, etc.)

Angle Grinder

9-II Ceramic

Premium Performance with Grinding Aid

  • Our highest performing disc for stainless and high alloyed steels
  • High density ceramic grain for maximum performance with special grinding aids for reduced heat and decreased loading
  • Available in Bulk, Blue Line™ or Sait-lok™ Packaging

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DiaArborGritPART # 
4-1/2"7/8"3657261Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"5057262Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"6057263Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"8057264Buy Now
5"7/8"3657267Buy Now
5"7/8"5057268Buy Now
5"7/8"6057269Buy Now
5"7/8"8057270Buy Now
7"7/8"3657273Buy Now
7"7/8"5057274Buy Now
7"7/8"6057275Buy Now
7"7/8"8057276Buy Now
DiaArborGritPART # 
4-1/2"7/8"3657361Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"5057362Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"6057363Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"8057364Buy Now
5"7/8"3657367Buy Now
5"7/8"5057368Buy Now
5"7/8"6057369Buy Now
5"7/8"8057370Buy Now
7"7/8"3657373Buy Now
7"7/8"5057374Buy Now
7"7/8"6057375Buy Now
7"7/8"8057376Buy Now