Buffing Disc Compound Bars & Kits

  • Black Bar: Used to buff contaminants out prior to finishing. Will remove rust, stains, scale, and other contaminants. An extremely fast cutting material. Also called emery cake.
  • Brown Bar: Used for buffing aluminum, brass, copper, wood, plastics, hard rubber, and painted surfaces. Also called Tripoli rouge.
  • Red Bar: For buffing precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, sterling, and other high end metals. Can also be sued to further enhance materials that have already been buffed with other compounds. The finest grade.
  • White Bar: Used for buffing stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel, aluminum, and chromium to a high luster shine.

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Type PART #  
1 lb Buffing Compound Bar Black 41026 Buy Now
1 lb Buffing Compound Bar Brown 41024 Buy Now
1 lb Buffing Compound Bar Red 41020 Buy Now
1 lb Buffing Compound Bar White 41022 Buy Now
Buffing Compound Kit (Includes 1 - 6oz bar of each color) 41000 Buy Now