Cleaning, Deburring, Surface Preparation
Ferrous Metals (iron, steel, welds, cast iron, etc.), rust

Angle Grinder

Carbon Steel – Non-Threaded

Non-Threaded Regular Twist Knot Wheels

  • For use on small grinders and portable power tools
  • Provides aggressive action in the removal of bead scale, weld flash or splatter
  • Covers more surface area in a single pass
  • Carbon steel wire for low to medium flexibility and aggressive cutting action
  • All Blue Line ™ wire brush packaging is one piece per package
  • Wire Brush Technical Information

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DiaArborWire SizeTypeMax RPMQtyPART # 
3"3/8".014"Regular Twist25000403377Buy Now
4"1/2".014"Regular Twist20000403378Buy Now
4"1/2-13".014"Regular Twist20000603430Buy Now
6"5/8", 1/2".020"Regular Twist9000103386Buy Now
DiaArborWire SizeTypeMax RPMQtyPART # 
3"3/8".014"Regular Twist25000106377Buy Now
4"1/2".014"Regular Twist20000106378Buy Now
4"1/2-13".014"Regular Twist20000106430Buy Now
6"5/8", 1/2".020"Regular Twist9000106386Buy Now