Finishing and blending, Welding grinding and blending, Deburring, Contour finishing
Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals
Stainless steel, high tensile steel, titanium

Angle Grinder

Encore Ceramic Plus Type 29

  • High Performance
  • Premium ceramic grain on a durable polyester-cotton backing provides high stock removal and extra long life

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DiaArborGritTypeMax RPMQtyPART # 
4-1/2"5/8"-11"3629133001072350Buy Now
4-1/2"5/8"-11"4029133001072351Buy Now
4-1/2"5/8"-11"6029133001072352Buy Now
4-1/2"5/8"-11"8029133001072353Buy Now
5"5/8"-11"3629122001072356Buy Now
5"5/8"-11"4029122001072357Buy Now
5"5/8"-11"6029122001072358Buy Now
5"5/8"-11"8029122001072359Buy Now
DiaArborGritTypeMax RPMQtyPART # 
4-1/2"7/8"3629133001072250Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"4029133001072251Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"6029133001072252Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"8029133001072253Buy Now
5"7/8"3629122001072256Buy Now
5"7/8"4029122001072257Buy Now
5"7/8"6029122001072258Buy Now
5"7/8"8029122001072259Buy Now