Blending, Finishing, Grinding
Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals
Stainless steel, high tensile steel, titanium

Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder

Grind & Finish

  • Combines coated and non-woven abrasives which allows you to “Grind & Finish” with one product reducing time and labor
  • Cushioned grinding effect allows for effortless blending and finishing of contoured work pieces
  • Aluminum oxide specifications available in coarse, medium, and very fine
  • Optimal RPM: 4-1/2″=4000, 5″=3500

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DiaArborGritTypeMax RPMQtyPART # 
4-1/2"7/8"Coarse (40)29133001077760Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"Coarse (60)29133001077720Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"Coarse (60)29133001077761Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"Medium (80)29133001077721Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"Very Fine (150)29133001077723Buy Now
5"7/8"Coarse (40)29122001077766Buy Now
5"7/8"Coarse (60)29122001077725Buy Now
5"7/8"Coarse (60)29122001077767Buy Now
5"7/8"Medium (80)29122001077726Buy Now
5"7/8"Very Fine (150)29122001077728Buy Now