Bonded Abrasives

All abrasive wheels are breakable and therefore care shall be exercised in handling and storage to prevent damage.

The following rules, which are based on experience, shall be observed:

  • Handle wheel carefully to prevent dropping or bumping
  • Do not roll wheels (hoop fashion)
  • Use trucks or other suitable conveyances to provide support and protection in transporting all wheels which cannot be carried by hand
  • Suitable racks, bins, drawers or boxes shall be provided to store the various types of wheels used
  • Abrasive wheels should be stored in a dry area not subject to extreme temperature changes since some bonds may be affected by excessive humidity and temperature differentials
  • Racks should be located as near as practical to the grinding location, but never where there is danger of damage from passing trucks, crane handling equipment or excessive vibration
  • Please refer to the Safety Guide accompanying the product and on the previous page of this catalog

Coated Abrasives

Incorrect storage of coated abrasives will significantly affect performance. All types of backings are susceptible to variations in temperature and humidity during storage:

  • Keep stockroom at constant levels of humidity (35-50%) and temperature (60-80° F)
  • Keep cartons away from damp or cold walls and floors where they may absorb moisture
  • Store coated abrasives away from any heat source
  • Keep products in original packages for easy handling and stacking
  • Flap wheels removed from the original packaging should be spread out on a clean shelf, always placed face down, never resting on edge
  • Fiber discs removed from the original packaging should be stored in a suitable disc holder and kept under pressure