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Competitor Test: What Makes a Grinding Wheel Outperform Another?

Many different companies boast about the performance of their grinding wheels, but often can’t back it up. Of course, as a consumer, it’s hard to know which wheels you should trust. We believe that you deserve to know what really makes one grinding wheel outperform another. Keep reading to learn more about how the grain and bonding agents used in abrasives manufacturing affects their performance, then view the results of a competitor test we did ourselves. The Grain Grinding wheels are generally made up of two different major components — the grains that actually do the cutting, and a bonding[...]

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Safety First: The Dangers of Cut-Rate Abrasives

When it comes to abrasives, the old saying rings true: you get what you pay for. While choosing cut-rate grinding wheels may seem like a smart, money-saving decision, you should ask yourself: how are these manufacturers able to offer a lower price?  What’s Inside? Typically, a lower sticker price means the wheel was made using some filler materials. When manufacturers use filler instead of high quality grains and fiberglass reinforcement, it often leads to some glaring problems, like your wheel suddenly giving out halfway through a job. If your wheel can’t hold up, you’ll likely encounter one or more of[...]

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