Body filler, paint, primers
Ferrous metals
Non-ferrous metals
Plastics, wood and fiberglass

Disc Sander

3S Stearated Aluminum Oxide

  • Aluminum oxide grain – For dry use only
  • Stearate coating and open coat structure lubricates and prevents loading
  • Available with Hook & Loop or PSA backing

Available weights: "C" - medium-weight, average flexibility

  • Strong resin over resin bond construction is resistant to heat and moisture
  • This special sharp and durable grain cuts fast and lasts long
  • Hook and loop fastening system allows for quick changes and less downtime
  • Available with or without vacuum holes for use on random orbital or low speed DA sanders with capture systems
  • PSA disc rolls are perforated for easy disc tear away from roll
  • Individual PSA discs are tabbed for easy removal of release paper

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