Ferrous metals (iron, steel, welds, etc.)
Stainless steel

Die Grinder

Type 1 / Type 41


Fast Cutting

  • Aluminum oxide grain
  • Hard bond for aggressive cutting on rough applications
  • Type 1/Type 41 shape for square, burr-free cutting
  • Externally reinforced with fiberglass layers to provide ultimate safety in a thin wheel
  • Type 1/Type 41 Cut Off Adapter (1/4" shank adapters for wheels up to 3" diameter) available in Accessories. Cut-Off Adaptor

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DiaThickArborMax RPMQtyPART # 
2".035"1/4"3055810023012Buy Now
2".035"3/8"3055810023010Buy Now
2"1/16"1/4"305585023004Buy Now
2"1/16"3/8"305585023002Buy Now
2-1/2".035"1/4"2444610023032Buy Now
2-1/2".035"3/8"2444610023030Buy Now
2-1/2"1/16"1/4"244465023022Buy Now
2-1/2"1/16"3/8"244465023020Buy Now
3".035"1/4"2500010023052Buy Now
3".035"3/8"2500010023050Buy Now
3"1/16"1/4"250005023042Buy Now
3"1/16"3/8"250005023040Buy Now
4".035"1/4"1900010023071Buy Now
4".035"3/8"1900010023069Buy Now
4".035"5/8"1900010023063Buy Now
4"1/16"1/4"190005023067Buy Now
4"1/16"3/8"190005023065Buy Now
4"1/16"5/8"190005023061Buy Now