Ferrous metals

Die Grinder

"O" = 1/2" See Tech Info


Vitrified Mounted Points

  • Aluminum oxide grain
  • Ideal for ID grinding and mold finishing
  • Shank Length 1-1/2″
  • These mounted bonded points are a low cost alternative to carbide burs
  • Each point is dressed for perfect balance to perform without vibration or run-out
  • Mandrel overhang "O" must always be the lowest possible. Maximum speeds given refer to overhang "O" equal to 1/2"

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LengthDiaShank DiameterTypeMax RPMQtyPART # 
1/4"1/4"1/8"W160813701027308Buy Now
3/4"3/8"1/8"W177337502027310Buy Now
2"1/2"1/4"W189240001027327Buy Now
1"5/8"1/4"W196352501027329Buy Now
3/4"3/4"1/4"W204427501027320Buy Now
2"3/4"1/4"W208187501027330Buy Now
1/8"1"1/8"W215382001027338Buy Now
1"1"1/4"W220255001027360Buy Now
2"1"1/4"W222159001027340Buy Now
1/4"1-1/4"1/4"W225305601027350Buy Now
1/2"1-1/2"1/4"W236254701027349Buy Now
LengthDiaShank DiameterTypeMax RPMQtyPART # 
3/4"3/8"1/8"B52453702027110Buy Now
11/16"7/16"1/8"B111337502027120Buy Now
1/2"1/2"1/8"B121453702027130Buy Now
LengthDiaShank DiameterTypeMax RPMQtyPART # 
1-1/4"11/16"1/4"A12480001027050Buy Now
1-1/8"3/4"1/4"A5450001027035Buy Now
1-1/4"3/4"1/4"A4305601027030Buy Now
2-1/2"3/4"1/4"A1198001027010Buy Now
2"7/8"1/4"A11198601027040Buy Now
1"1"1/4"A21345001027060Buy Now
1"1"1/4"A38345001027088Buy Now
2-3/4"1"1/4"A3161001027020Buy Now
ROUND1"1/4"A25356201027070Buy Now
3/8"1-5/8"1/4"A36235201027086Buy Now