Cleaning, Surface Preparation
Wood, paint, etc.
Body filler, paint, primers
Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals

Hand Sanding

AW-D Mini Paper Rolls

Shop Rolls

  • Aluminum oxide grain
  • Open coat structure prevents loading
  • For wet or dry hand operations
  • Resin over resin construction for a strong bond that is resistant to heat and moisture
  • Box label UPC bar coded for easy identification and inventory maintenance

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WidthLengthGritQtyPART # 
4-1/2"5 yards401081101Buy Now
4-1/2"5 yards601081102Buy Now
4-1/2"5 yards801081103Buy Now
4-1/2"5 yards1001081104Buy Now
4-1/2"5 yards1201081105Buy Now
4-1/2"5 yards1501081106Buy Now
4-1/2"5 yards1801081107Buy Now
4-1/2"5 yards2201081108Buy Now