Finishing, Grinding, Sanding
Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals, cast iron
Stainless steel, high tensile alloys
Soft and/or hard woods

Benchstand Sander

Benchstand Belts

  • Semi-friable aluminum oxide grain
  • X-weight cotton backing
  • For general purpose grinding and finishing
  • Each package of belts is shrink-wrapped in quantities of 10

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WidthLengthGritQtyPART # 
1"30"361061094Buy Now
1"30"401061095Buy Now
1"30"501061096Buy Now
1"30"601061097Buy Now
1"30"801061098Buy Now
1"30"1001061099Buy Now
1"30"1201061100Buy Now
WidthLengthGritQtyPART # 
1"42"361060310Buy Now
1"42"401060311Buy Now
1"42"501060312Buy Now
1"42"601060313Buy Now
1"42"801060314Buy Now
1"42"1001060315Buy Now
1"42"1201060316Buy Now
1"42"1501060317Buy Now
1"42"1801060318Buy Now
1"42"2201060319Buy Now
1"42"3201060322Buy Now
WidthLengthGritQtyPART # 
1-1/2"60"361061133Buy Now
1-1/2"60"401061134Buy Now
1-1/2"60"601061136Buy Now
1-1/2"60"801061137Buy Now
1-1/2"60"1001061138Buy Now
1-1/2"60"1201061139Buy Now
WidthLengthGritQtyPART # 
2"48"361060506Buy Now
2"48"401060507Buy Now
2"48"501060508Buy Now
2"48"601060509Buy Now
2"48"801060510Buy Now
2"48"1001060511Buy Now
2"48"1201060512Buy Now
WidthLengthGritQtyPART # 
2"60"361060520Buy Now
2"60"401060521Buy Now
2"60"501060522Buy Now
2"60"601060523Buy Now
2"60"801060524Buy Now
2"60"1001060525Buy Now
2"60"1201060526Buy Now
WidthLengthGritQtyPART # 
2"72"361060534Buy Now
2"72"401060535Buy Now
2"72"501060536Buy Now
2"72"601060537Buy Now
2"72"801060538Buy Now
2"72"1001060539Buy Now
2"72"1201060540Buy Now
WidthLengthGritQtyPART # 
2-1/2"60"361061108Buy Now
2-1/2"60"401061109Buy Now
2-1/2"60"501061110Buy Now
2-1/2"60"601061111Buy Now
2-1/2"60"801061112Buy Now
2-1/2"60"1001061113Buy Now
2-1/2"60"1201061114Buy Now
WidthLengthGritQtyPART # 
4"36"241060855Buy Now
4"36"361060856Buy Now
4"36"401060857Buy Now
4"36"501060858Buy Now
4"36"601060859Buy Now
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4"36"1801060864Buy Now
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WidthLengthGritQtyPART # 
6"48"241061023Buy Now
6"48"361061024Buy Now
6"48"401061025Buy Now
6"48"501061026Buy Now
6"48"601061027Buy Now
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