Ferrous Metals (iron, steel, welds, cast iron, etc.), rust

Hand Brush

Carbon Steel Scratch Brushes

  • Excellent for light scale removal
  • Primary application is for maintenance cleaning
  • Carbon steel wire for general purpose cleaning

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WidthLengthWire SizeTypeQtyPART # 
3 rows14 rows.014"V-Groove Scratch1205764Buy Now
3 rows15 rowsChipping Hammer Brush1205757Buy Now
3 rows19 rows.014"Curved Handle with Scraper1205760Buy Now
3 rows19 rows.014"Curved Handle1205751Buy Now
4 rows16 rows.014"Shoe Handle with Scraper1205761Buy Now
4 rows16 rows.014"Shoe Handle1205753Buy Now
4 rows19 rows.014"Curved Handle1205752Buy Now