Deburring, Finishing, Grinding
Non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, etc)

Die Grinder

Non-ferrous (Aluminum Cut) Carbide Burs

  • More open aggressive cut to avoid loading on softer materials
  • This design provides outstanding stock removal on aluminum, magnesium, copper, soft steel, brass, zinc alloys, hard rubber, most plastics, and non-ferrous metals.
  • Easy chip flow with little or no clogging
  • Excellent for confined or hard-to-reach areas
  • Use for deburring, finishing, shaping and enlarging holes, removing welds, and smoothing castings
  • Tungsten carbide construction for long life and durability
  • High quality manufacturing method delivers vibration-free operation
  • Precision ground with diamond wheels to produce a very sharp uniform cutting edge
  • Each enclosed in individual plastic capsules for storage and protection

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Dia Type Max RPM Qty PART #  
3/8" SA3 18000 1 45050 Buy Now
1/2" SA5 16000 1 45051 Buy Now
Dia Type Max RPM Qty PART #  
3/8" SC3 18000 1 45052 Buy Now
Dia Type Max RPM Qty PART #  
3/8" SF3 18000 1 45053 Buy Now
1/2" SF5 16000 1 45054 Buy Now
Dia Type Max RPM Qty PART #  
1/2" SL4 16000 1 45055 Buy Now