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Ferrous and non-ferrous materials
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Bench Grinder

Convolute Wheels

  • Silicon carbide grain for fast cut rate and finest finish
  • Provides best durability, stock removal, and finest finish for increased productivity
  • Available in two densities
  • Medium Density: Comparable to competitive 8SF , Excellent starting point for general purpose deburring, blending, and weld polishing
  • Hard Density: Comparable to competitive 9SF products, Excellent for aggressive deburring, blending
  • Convolute wheels are constructed by wrapping non-woven nylon, impregnated with abrasive grains, around a hard core to form a homogeneous wheel
  • Dense, non-woven construction for long lasting wear and high edge durability
  • Non-metallic for no work piece contamination
  • Smear-resistant formulation to greatly reduce the possibility of smearing
  • NOTE: Wheels must be run in the direction of the arrow as indicated on the wheel.
  • For mounting flanges and reducing bushings see Accessories

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DiaThickArborGradeMax RPMQtyPART # 
6"1/2"1"Fine6000477810Buy Now
6"1"1"Fine6000377820Buy Now
6"1"1"Fine6000377815Buy Now
8"1"3"Fine4500377825Buy Now