Finishing, Blending
Stainless steel, high tensile alloys
Non-ferrous metals
Ferrous metals

Die Grinder

"O" = 1/2" See Tech Info

Cotton Fiber Mounted Points

  • A54MTX: Resin Bond for light removal/blending
  • A80GFX: Latex Bond with finer grit for ultimate finishing
  • Multiple layers of cotton impregnated with abrasive grain and special bonding agents allow for the coolest blending and finishing
  • Special cotton formula minimizes loading on soft, non-ferrous metals like aluminum
  • Available in two bonding agents for use in many applications
  • Mandrel overhang "O" must always be the lowest possible. Maximum speeds given refer to overhang "O" equal to 1/2"

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LengthDiaGradeShank DiameterTypeQtyPART # 
1/21/4A80GFX1/4W1631050365Buy Now
3/83/8A80GFX1/4B1221050364Buy Now
3/43/8A80GFX1/4B521050362Buy Now
3/43/8A80GFX1/4B521050362Buy Now
3/41/2A80GFX1/4B421050361Buy Now
21/2A80GFX1/4W1891050366Buy Now
1-1/83/4A80GFX1/4A51050360Buy Now
11A80GFX1/4W2201050367Buy Now
21A80GFX1/4W2221050368Buy Now
LengthDiaGradeShank DiameterTypeQtyPART # 
3/43/8A54MTX1/4B521050562Buy Now
3/41/2A54MTX1/4B421050561Buy Now
21/2A54MTX1/4W1891050566Buy Now
1-1/83/4A54MTX1/4A51050560Buy Now