Finishing, Blending, Surface Preparation, Linear Finishing
Aluminum, brass
Stainless steel


Grind & Finish Non-Woven Linear Wheels

Better Finish

  • Capable of conforming to concave, flat and irregular surfaces
  • Excellent for blending, cleaning welds and removing corrosion, rust, or scaling
  • Excellent for grain, antique, matte and satin finishes, finishing aluminum extrusions and applying an inline brushed finish on aluminum and stainless steel
  • Available in slotted keyway arbor or with 5/8-11 for use on a wide variety of portable finishing machines
  • Must be used on burnisher equipment. Not for use on traditional right angle grinders.
  • Slower speed = Better performance
  • Fine grades have a coarser effect at low speed. Coarse grades have a finer effect at high speed
  • Heavy pressure will result in increased wear. Apply only light pressure for best performance
  • Non-woven wheels provide a smoother finish

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LengthDiaArborGradeMax RPMQtyPART # 
4"4-1/4"5/8-11"Coarse5000171710Buy Now
4"4-1/4"5/8-11"Medium5000171711Buy Now
4"4-1/4"5/8-11"Fine5000171712Buy Now
4"4-1/4"5/8-11"Very Fine5000171713Buy Now
4"4-1/4"3/4"-SlotCoarse5000171810Buy Now
4"4-1/4"3/4"-SlotMedium5000171811Buy Now
4"4-1/4"3/4"-SlotFine5000171812Buy Now
4"4-1/4"3/4"-SlotVery Fine5000171813Buy Now