Masonry, concrete, stone

Hand Rub

Hand and Floor Rubs

  • Removes form marks
  • Vitrified bond for long life
  • Available in several configurations for a wide range of cleaning and dressing applications
  • Each box of Plain and Scored Rubs contains 6 wood wedges. Additional wood wedges Part #95100

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WidthLengthHeightGradeQtyPART # 
2"4"2"C24R625010Buy Now
WidthLengthHeightGradeQtyPART # 
2"6"2"C24R525020Buy Now
2"8"2"C24R525030Buy Now
WidthLengthHeightGradeQtyPART # 
3"6"1"C24R525040Buy Now
3-1/2"8"1-1/2"C24R525050Buy Now
WidthLengthHeightGradeQtyPART # 
2"8"2"C10R325060Buy Now
2"8"2"C24R325061Buy Now
2"8"2"C80R325062Buy Now