Deburring, Cleaning
Stainless steel, high tensile steel
Ferrous and/or non-ferrous materials
Fiberglass, gaskets

Disc Sander

Portable Grinder

Hook & Loop Surface Conditioning Discs

  • Hook & Loop fastening system allows for quick changes and less downtime
  • Used in a wide variety of applications including cleaning, polishing, blending and deburring
  • Non-woven synthetic fiber coated with aluminum oxide grain resists loading for long life without damage to or removal of base material
  • Coarse (Brown): Excellent for heavy deburring, removing weld spatter and blending tool/mill marks, rust removal
  • Medium (Maroon): Excellent for light deburring, blending scratch patterns, removing coating/adhesives
  • Very Fine (Blue): Excellent for cosmetic grain finishing, polishing welds and reducing grinding marks
  • Backing Pads for Non-Woven Discs are available in Accessories

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DiaColorGradeQtyPART # 
4"BrownCoarse1077116Buy Now
4-1/2"BrownCoarse1077118Buy Now
5"BrownCoarse1077124Buy Now
6"BrownCoarse1077130Buy Now
7"BrownCoarse1077136Buy Now
8"BrownCoarse1077142Buy Now
DiaColorGradeQtyPART # 
4"MaroonMedium1077117Buy Now
4-1/2"MaroonMedium1077120Buy Now
5"MaroonMedium1077126Buy Now
6"MaroonMedium1077132Buy Now
7"MaroonMedium1077138Buy Now
DiaColorGradeQtyPART # 
4"BlueVery Fine1077115Buy Now
4-1/2"BlueVery Fine1077122Buy Now
5"BlueVery Fine1077128Buy Now
6"BlueVery Fine1077134Buy Now
7"BlueVery Fine1077140Buy Now
8"BlueVery Fine1077146Buy Now