Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Finishing, Blending
Stainless steel
Ferrous metals
Non-ferrous metals
Fiberglass and rubber

Benchstand Sander

File Sander

Portable Sander

Non-Woven Belts

  • Non-woven synthetic fiber impregnated with abrasive grain for surface conditioning without damage to or removal of base material. Resists loading and heat build-up
  • Offered in very narrow widths for use on tight radii and hard to reach applications
  • Flexible yet extra durable splice method for resistance to breaking or cracking under severe stress
  • Brown (Coarse): Excellent for deburring and blending; for use on mill marks, tool marks, to create a smooth transition on surface profiles
  • Maroon (General purpose): Excellent for blending /cleaning and reducing uneven edges on adjoining surfaces; removing castings, gaskets, and surface discolorations
  • Blue (Very Fine): Excellent for cleaning and finishing, reduce surface roughness, polish weld, or use to apply cosmetic grain or scratch patterns

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WidthLengthColorGradeQtyPART # 
1/2"18"BlueVery Fine1077512Buy Now
1/2"24"BlueVery Fine1077517Buy Now
3/4"18"BlueVery Fine1077522Buy Now
3/4"20-1/2"BlueVery Fine1077577Buy Now
3"21"BlueVery Fine1077572Buy Now
3"24"BlueVery Fine1077562Buy Now
3-1/2"15-1/2"BlueVery Fine1077502Buy Now
WidthLengthColorGradeQtyPART # 
1/2"18"MaroonMedium1077511Buy Now
1/2"24"MaroonMedium1077516Buy Now
3"21"MaroonMedium1077571Buy Now
3"24"MaroonMedium1077561Buy Now
3/4"18"MaroonMedium1077521Buy Now
3/4"20-1/2"MaroonMedium1077576Buy Now
3-1/2"15-1/2"MaroonMedium1077501Buy Now
4"24"MaroonMedium1077566Buy Now
6"48"MaroonMedium577541Buy Now
WidthLengthColorGradeQtyPART # 
2"60"BrownCoarse1077535Buy Now
6"48"BrownCoarse577540Buy Now
1/2"18"BrownCoarse1077510Buy Now
1/2"24"BrownCoarse1077515Buy Now
3/4"18"BrownCoarse1077520Buy Now
3/4"20-1/2"BrownCoarse1077575Buy Now
3"21"BrownCoarse1077570Buy Now
3"24"BrownCoarse1077560Buy Now
3-1/2"15-1/2"BrownCoarse1077500Buy Now