Aluminum, brass
Stainless steel

Die Grinder

Non-Woven Flap Wheels

  • Capable of conforming to concave, flat, and irregular surfaces
  • Creates matte and satin finishes without lines on work piece
  • Excellent for blending, cleaning welds, and removing corrosion, rust, or scaling
  • Excellent for grain, antique, and satin finishes, finishing aluminum extrusions, and applying an inline brushed finish on aluminum and stainless steel
  • Smear-resistant non-woven material for clean, smear-proof work surfaces

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DiaThickGradeSpindleMax RPMQtyPART # 
1"1"Coarse1/4"200001077780Buy Now
1"1"Fine1/4"200001077782Buy Now
1"1"Medium1/4"200001077781Buy Now
2"1"Coarse1/4"150001077785Buy Now
2"1"Fine1/4"150001077787Buy Now
2"1"Medium1/4"150001077786Buy Now
3"1"Coarse1/4"86001077790Buy Now
3"1"Fine1/4"86001077792Buy Now
3"1"Medium1/4"86001077791Buy Now
3"2"Coarse1/4"86001077805Buy Now
3"2"Fine1/4"86001077807Buy Now
3"2"Medium1/4"86001077806Buy Now