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Non-Woven Interleaf Wheels

  • Interleaf flap wheels are constructed with alternating flaps of surface conditioning material and coated abrasives material for a high cut rate and a uniform scratch pattern
  • Provides blending action while leaving final finish on work piece
  • Smear-resistant non-woven material for clean, smear-proof work surfaces
  • Interleaf design makes product more aggressive than SAIT non-woven flap brushes and less aggressive than SAIT coated abrasive flap wheels
  • Available in two grades: Medium and Very Fine
  • Medium (General Purpose): Excellent for removing heavy oxidation, blending, cleaning, and deburring. Medium surface conditioning material with either 60 or 80 grit coated abrasive material
  • Very Fine: Excellent for grain finishing, satin finishing, and linear scratch patterns. Very Fine surface conditioning material with either 120 or 180 grit coated abrasive material

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DiaThickGritGradeMax RPMQtyPART # 
1"1"60Medium200001077700Buy Now
1"1"80Medium200001077702Buy Now
1"1"120Very Fine200001077704Buy Now
1"1"180Very Fine200001077706Buy Now
2"1"60Medium150001077710Buy Now
2"1"80Medium150001077712Buy Now
2"1"120Very Fine150001077714Buy Now
2"1"180Very Fine150001077716Buy Now
3"1"60Medium86001077730Buy Now
3"1"80Medium86001077732Buy Now
3"1"120Very Fine86001077734Buy Now
3"1"180Very Fine86001077736Buy Now
3"2"60Medium8600577750Buy Now
3"2"80Medium8600577752Buy Now
3"2"120Very Fine8600577754Buy Now
3"2"180Very Fine8600577756Buy Now