Deburring, Welding grinding and blending, Finishing and blending, Contour finishing
Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals
Stainless steel, high tensile steel, titanium

Angle Grinder

Type 27 (Flat)

5/8-11 Hub

Contaminant Free

Ovation® Ceramic

High Density Flap Disc - Type 27

  • Premium ceramic grain outlasts conventional zirconium in most applications
  • Cooler cutting and fast, consistent finishes
  • High density flap discs contain approximately 40% more material than conventional, regular density flap discs
  • Contaminant Free (Fe + Cl + S < 0.1%)
  • Type 27
  • Flap discs are constructed by layering coated abrasive flaps so they wear away and expose new, sharp grain
  • Flap discs increase productivity and reduce total grinding and finishing costs by grinding, blending & finishing in 1 step
  • Fiberglass backings will wear uniformly with abrasive cloth and will not splinter or smear on the workpiece
  • Fiberglass backed flap discs are designed for a lighter, quieter operation

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DiaArborGritTypeMax RPMQtyPART # 
4-1/2"5/8"-1136Type 27133001078320Buy Now
4-1/2"5/8"-1140Type 27133001078321Buy Now
4-1/2"5/8"-1160Type 27133001078322Buy Now
4-1/2"5/8"-1180Type 27133001078323Buy Now
5"5/8"-1136Type 27122001078327Buy Now
5"5/8"-1140Type 27122001078328Buy Now
5"5/8"-1160Type 27122001078329Buy Now
5"5/8"-1180Type 27122001078330Buy Now
DiaArborGritTypeMax RPMQtyPART # 
4-1/2"7/8"36Type 27133001078260Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"40Type 27133001078261Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"60Type 27133001078262Buy Now
4-1/2"7/8"80Type 27133001078263Buy Now
5"7/8"36Type 27122001078267Buy Now
5"7/8"40Type 27122001078268Buy Now
5"7/8"60Type 27122001078269Buy Now
5"7/8"80Type 27122001078270Buy Now