Cleaning, Deburring
Stainless steel
Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals
Fiberglass, gaskets

Portable Grinder


Sait-Lok™-R Surface Conditioning Discs

  • Nylon Screw threaded hub for easy mounting to the backing pad
  • Used in a wide variety of applications including cleaning, polishing, blending and deburring
  • Non-woven synthetic fiber coated with aluminum oxide grain, resists loading for long life without damage to or removal of base material
  • Coarse (Brown): Excellent for heavy deburring, removing weld spatter and blending tool/mill marks, rust removal
  • Medium (Maroon): Excellent for light deburring, blending scratch patterns, removing coating/adhesives
  • Very Fine (Blue): Excellent for cosmetic grain finishing, polishing welds and reducing grinding marks
  • Backing Pads for Non-Woven Discs are available in Accessories

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Dia Color Grade Qty PART #  
1-1/2" Brown Coarse 50 77300 Buy Now
2" Brown Coarse 50 77306 Buy Now
3" Brown Coarse 25 77312 Buy Now
4" Brown Coarse 25 77318 Buy Now
Dia Color Grade Qty PART #  
1-1/2" Maroon Medium 50 77302 Buy Now
2" Maroon Medium 50 77308 Buy Now
3" Maroon Medium 25 77314 Buy Now
4" Maroon Medium 25 77320 Buy Now
Dia Color Grade Qty PART #  
1-1/2" Blue Very Fine 50 77303 Buy Now
2" Blue Very Fine 50 77309 Buy Now
3" Blue Very Fine 25 77315 Buy Now
4" Blue Very Fine 25 77321 Buy Now
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