Cleaning, Deburring
Stainless steel
Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals
Fiberglass, gaskets

Portable Grinder


Sait-Lok™-R Ultimate Performance Surface Conditioning Discs

  • Nylon Screw threaded hub for easy mounting to the backing pad
  • High durability with superior edge retention and minimal smearing
  • For aggressive applications where traditional surface conditioning products fail
  • Ideal for highly contoured surfaces, heavy blending and finishing and sharp edges
  • Coarse (Brown): Excellent for heavy deburring, removing weld spatter and blending tool/mill marks, rust removal
  • Medium (Maroon): Excellent for light deburring, blending scratch patterns, removing coating/adhesives
  • Backing Pads for Non-Woven Discs are available in Accessories

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Dia Color Qty PART #  
2" Brown 50 77360 Buy Now
3" Brown 25 77364 Buy Now
Dia Color Qty PART #  
2" Maroon 50 77361 Buy Now
3" Maroon 25 77365 Buy Now