Blending, Finishing
Stainless steel
Ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Disc Sander

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Sait-Lok™ Sand-Light™ Blending Discs

  • All-metal attachment on disc ensures a secure fit to the backing pad
  • For minor finishing and blending applications
  • Less aggressive cutting than traditional surface conditioning discs
  • Great for final finishing prior to buffing with compounds
  • Use the slowest speed possible for optimum results
  • Medium (General Purpose): Use for light finishing after using surface conditioning discs; excellent for blending surface imperfections, coated abrasives
  • Very Fine: Excellent for blending surface imperfections, final finishing and preparation prior to coating. Use the Very Fine grade followed by the SAIT Buffing Discs and compounds for a near mirror finish
  • Backing Pads for Non-Woven Discs are available in Accessories

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Dia Thick Grade Qty PART #  
2" Thick Medium 50 77672 Buy Now
2" Thick Very Fine 50 77675 Buy Now
3" Thick Medium 25 77682 Buy Now
3" Thick Very Fine 25 77685 Buy Now