Stainless steel, high tensile alloys
Ferrous metals (iron, steel, welds, etc.)

Angle Grinder

Type 27 / Type 42

5/8-11 Super-Lock™ Hub

Saitech Ultimate Performance™

Premium Performance

  • High performance, ceramic aluminum oxide grain
  • Very uniform, high density grain structure is extremely durable and self sharpening for long life and cooler cut
  • Combines fast stock removal with long life for tough cutting applications
  • Ideal for foundry applications (gates, risers)
  • Aggressive cutting performance over a wide range of applications
  • Our unique Super-Lock™ Hub combines both a mechanical locking system and chemical bond providing one e of the safest, vibration-free designs in the industry Super-Lock™ Hub
  • All sizes reinforced with the highest quality fiberglass for maximum safety and performance
  • Designed to provide very long life for fewer wheel changes and less downtime

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DiaThickArborMax RPMQtyPART # 
4-1/2"3/32"5/8"-11133001022069Buy Now
5"3/32"5/8-11"122001022079Buy Now
7"3/32"5/8-11"85001022089Buy Now
9"3/32"5/8-11"66001022099Buy Now
DiaThickArborMax RPMQtyPART # 
4-1/2"3/32"7/8"133002522064Buy Now
5"3/32"7/8"122002522074Buy Now
7"3/32"7/8"85002522084Buy Now
9"3/32"7/8"66002522094Buy Now