Hardwoods and softwoods, plastic, paint, fiberglass, auto body filler, and drywall compounds
Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals

Hand Sanding

Sanding Sponges

  • Premium abrasive grain on a soft, foam backing
  • Foam backing provides ultimate conformability and is washable for long life
  • For use on wood moldings, metal contours, drywall sanding, and paint removal applications
  • Sanding sponges can be used wet or dry for fine finishing and can be washed to extend cutting life (just wash with water)
  • In general, the finish of sanding sponges will be finer than traditional coated abrasives
  • Due to the ability to conform to different shapes, sanding sponges are able to sand and finish in hard to reach areas

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WidthLengthThickGritQtyPART # 
4-1/2"5-1/2"5mm6010086445Buy Now
4-1/2"5-1/2"5mm10010086447Buy Now
4-1/2"5-1/2"5mm18010086450Buy Now
4-1/2"5-1/2"5mm28010086451Buy Now
WidthLengthThickGritQtyPART # 
3-3/4"4-3/4"1/2"602486475Buy Now
3-3/4"4-3/4"1/2"1002486477Buy Now
3-3/4"4-3/4"1/2"1502486479Buy Now
3-3/4"4-3/4"1/2"1802486480Buy Now
3-3/4"4-3/4"1/2"2202486481Buy Now
WidthLengthThickGritQtyPART # 
2-1/2"3-3/4"1"602486355Buy Now
2-1/2"3-3/4"1"802486356Buy Now
2-1/2"3-3/4"1"1002486357Buy Now
2-1/2"3-3/4"1"1202486359Buy Now
2-1/2"3-3/4"1"1802486360Buy Now