Concrete, ceramic, granite, brick, blocks, marble

Circular Saw

Angle Grinder

Segmented Rim Diamond Blade

  • Segmented rim allows for a cool cut
  • Laser welded bonded to the metal core for cutting wet or dry
  • LU Premium: General purpose dry cutting
  • LV Premium +: Longer lasting and faster dry cutting premium wheel
  • Premium quality diamond for exceptional cutting and long life
  • 5/8" Arbor for use on a circular saw
  • 7/8" Arbor for use on an angle grinder
  • Type 1

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DiaThickArborMax RPMQtyPART # 
4-1/2".090"5/8"13300148531Buy Now
4-1/2".090"7/8"13300148731Buy Now
5".090"5/8"12200148532Buy Now
5".090"7/8"12200148732Buy Now
7".090"5/8"8500148534Buy Now
7".090"7/8"8500148734Buy Now
DiaThickArborMax RPMQtyPART # 
4-1/2".090"5/8"13300148541Buy Now
4-1/2".090"7/8"13300148741Buy Now
5".090"5/8"12200148542Buy Now
5".090"7/8"12200148742Buy Now
7".090"5/8"8500148544Buy Now
7".090"7/8"8500148744Buy Now