Blending, Grinding
Glass, marble, ceramic, hard cast iron
Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals

Angle Grinder

Silicon Carbide

  • Silicon carbide grain
  • Closed coat structure for more material removal
  • Available in Bulk or Blue Line™ Packaging
  • Resin over resin construction for a strong bond that is resistant to heat and moisture
  • Vulcanized fiber backing for heavy duty sanding
  • Available in bulk and Blue Line™ packaging

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DiaArborGritMax RPMQtyPART # 
7"7/8"1685002050100Buy Now
7"7/8"2485002050101Buy Now
7"7/8"3685002050102Buy Now
7"7/8"5085002550103Buy Now
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7"7/8"22085002550110Buy Now
7"7/8"32085002550112Buy Now
7"7/8"40085002550113Buy Now
DiaArborGritMax RPMQtyPART # 
7"7/8"16850010054016Buy Now
7"7/8"24850010054024Buy Now
7"7/8"36850010054036Buy Now
7"7/8"50850010054050Buy Now
7"7/8"60850010054060Buy Now
7"7/8"80850010054080Buy Now
7"7/8"100850010054100Buy Now
7"7/8"120850010054120Buy Now
7"7/8"150850010054150Buy Now
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7"7/8"400850010054400Buy Now