Cleaning, Finishing, Grinding, Polishing
Stainless steel, high tensile steel
Ferrous metals

Angle Grinder

Type 27 Unitized Wheels

  • Great for controlled material removal while imparting a final finish
  • Able to remove coated abrasive grind marks and polish welds
  • Applications include cleaning, deburring, blending and polishing
  • Great for edge breaking and final finishing
  • Series 2SM: For general purpose cleaning, finishing and polishing
  • Series 3SF: Requires light pressure for fine finishing and polishing; Highly conformable material; Provides clean, bright surface on stainless steel finishes, blends tool marks, and removes slight surface imperfections
  • Series 8AC: Highest stock removal and edge breaking capability; Most aggressive for deburring
  • Series 8AM: Provides high stock removal, long life and productivity; Very durable on edge
  • Series 8ZC: Provides extremly fast stock removal and exceptional durability; Extremely durable on edge

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Dia Arbor Series Grade Density Grain Max RPM Qty PART #  
4-1/2" 7/8" Series 2SM Medium Soft Silicon Carbide 10000 5 77875 Buy Now
4-1/2" 7/8" Series 8AM Medium Hard Aluminum Oxide 10000 5 77890 Buy Now
4-1/2" 7/8" Series 3SF Fine Medium Silicon Carbide 10000 5 77880 Buy Now
4-1/2" 7/8" Series 8AC Coarse Hard Aluminum Oxide 10000 5 77885 Buy Now
4-1/2" 7/8" Series 8ZC Coarse Hard Zirconium 10000 5 77900 Buy Now
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