Ferrous metals
Stainless steel, high tensile alloys

Portable Saw

Type 1 / Type 41


Extremely Fast Cut

  • Special aluminum oxide grain formula
  • Fast cutting action
  • Non-binding cutting formula
  • Heavy Duty Wheels: Designed with greater amounts of reinforcement for use on high-speed powered saws
  • Type 1/Type 41 shape for square, burr-free cutting
  • Wheels are constructed with the highest quality fiberglass to withstand the toughest applications
  • Available in multiple arbor sizes to fit a wide variety of tools

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Dia Thick Arbor Max RPM Qty PART #  
14" 1/8" 1" 5400 10 24150 Buy Now
14" 1/8" 20MM 5460 10 24160 Buy Now
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