Ferrous and/or non-ferrous metals (iron, steel, welds, etc.)
Stainless steel, high tensile alloys

Angle Grinder

Circular Saw

Type 1 / Type 41


High Performance

  • Special zirconium grain formula
  • Hard bond for extremely long life
  • Fast, burr-free cutting
  • Type 1/Type 41 shape for square, burr-free cutting
  • Externally reinforced with fiberglass layers to provide ultimate safety in a thin wheel
  • Unique formulations offer the fastest cutting, longest lasting thin wheel
  • Wide range of sizes available to fit both angle grinders and circular saws
  • Reusable 5/8-11 adapter for use on Type 1 / Type 41 reinforced wheels with a 7/8 arbor, and a maximum diameter of 5" and a wheel thickness of .045" to 1/8" is available in accessories. Part #95055

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DiaThickArborMax RPMQtyPART # 
4".045"5/8"190005023323Buy Now
4-1/2".045"7/8"133005023324Buy Now
5".045"7/8"122005023325Buy Now
6".045"7/8"102005023327Buy Now
7".045"5/8"85005023328Buy Now