Carbide Grain Structure

SAIT Carbide Matrix

  • Consistent size of carbide grains.
  • More carbide per tooth as grains are smaller.
  • Smaller grain = harder tooth, more durability.

Competitor Carbide Matrix

  • Very inconsistent size of carbide grains.
  • Less life due to larger grain sizes.

Tooth Configuration

Triple Chip Grind (TCG):

  • FEATURE: Maximizes blade life by reducing the size of the metal chips that are produced during the cutting operations. Also provides maximum tooth strength for longer life.
  • BENEFIT: Cleaner and cooler cuts and less stress on material being cut.
  • WHERE USED: Steelworker® (all sizes), 7-1/4” Stainless, 8”, 10” and 12” Aluminum blades

Alternate Top Bevel (ATB)

  • FEATURE: A multi-purpose grind that allows for durable, long life as well as productive work across a wide range of materials.
  • BENEFIT: Clean, easy cutting without binding in the material.
  • WHERE USED: 6-1/2” and 7-1/4” TMX, and 14” Aluminum Blades

Modified Triple Chip Grind (MTCG):

  • FEATURE: Excels at reducing chip size for more effective cutting of material. Also improves cutting tooth durability.
  • BENEFIT: Lower heat build-up and less blade stress while cutting.
  • WHERE USED: 12” and 14” TMX and 14” Stainless Steel Blades.

Blade Operation Tips

  • Be sure to mount the blade with the rotational arrow positioned the same direction as the tool rotates
  • Follow circular saw manufacturer’s warnings and instruction manual
  • Check blade prior to use for any visible cracks, loose or missing teeth, etc. and change blade if found
  • Use blade only on recommended material
  • Mount blade between designated sides of blade washers matching arbor size and shape
  • Always wear ANSI-approved eye protection and proper protective equipment
  • Always wear gloves
  • Adjust foot-plate of the saw to proper depth (check circular saw manual – 3 teeth exposed below material surface is a common rule of thumb)
  • Always work in a clean and unobstructed work environment
  • Never operate saw without working blade guard
  • Do not use excessive pressure when cutting (this causes the blade to wear prematurely)
  • Tighten blade bolt as instructed by saw manufacturer