How to Find the Right Abrasive for Any Job

When it comes to our selection of abrasives and accessories, there’s no shortage of options. And while it’s good to have these options for the many different jobs our customers encounter, searching through the various product categories and variations in size and specification can be a headache if you don’t already know what you need.

Our product search tools were designed to solve this issue. Here’s how they work.

Product Search & Filters

To begin with, take a look up top. You’ll see a bar like this:

There are two boxes, one dropdown which lets you select a particular category of abrasive, and a fill-in form which lets you enter any general term. For this example, we selected ‘¼” Wheels — Type 27 and Type 28’ from the dropdown. 

After submitting this term, we are taken to the following page:

Here you’re given the option to further refine your search in the bar on the left or browse your initial search results. Each result gives you a brief overview on that particular product, detailing what materials it was made with and its general purpose. You’ll also notice the application and metal information to help you quickly browse. 

After clicking on the top option, we are then taken to the overall product page. Here you can view the product, learn more technical information, view safety data sheets and finally buy the abrasive from your preferred retailer. You’ll notice that we even include an image of the grinder you need for the wheel, just to be sure there aren’t any mix-ups.


Just click on the “buy now” option and the below popup will appear.

Product Application

Another way to find the correct abrasive is to use our product application tool. Hover over the “Resources” text in the header (as shown below) to access this page, or click on the link and then select “Product Selection Tools.”

Once on the page, you’ll see this search form:

Begin at the top by making a selection in the “Application” box. After doing so, you’ll then be able to select the appropriate tool corresponding to your application. Complete as many boxes as possible, then click search to see your full list of products as outlined above.

Cross Reference

Our final search tool can also be found under the resources tab under the name of “Cross Reference,” and allows you to easily match a competitor’s abrasive with one of ours.

Simply enter the part number in the form shown below to view our matching product.

And there you have it, three easy ways to find the right abrasive for your job. If you have any trouble determining what product is right for your needs or have any questions at all, please contact us.

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