New Look, Same High-Quality Abrasives

Thanks for checking out the new! This website has been built to make your search for the best abrasives easier than ever.

United Abrasives/SAIT wheels are manufactured here in the U.S. and at our sister company in Italy, using the highest quality materials — unlike many of our competitors. What does this mean for you? To put it simply, our products last much longer, help you get the job done faster and stand up to the toughest tasks you can throw at them without risking safety. 

What’s new?

  • A streamlined product search that helps you quickly find the abrasive for any job
  • Helpful videos and content to show you just what our products can do
  • Upcoming expert guides to help you complete jobs safely and get the most out of your abrasives

So, take a look around, see what we have to offer and reach out with any questions you might have. And be sure to find us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest on all things United Abrasives/SAIT.

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