Angle iron, rebar, steel plate, channel iron, pipe, threaded rod, c-channel and other ferrous metals

Metal-Cutting Circular Saw

Circular Saw

Worm Drive Saw

Low RPM Metal-Cutting Saw

Steel Worker ® Carbide Blade

  • Fast, burr free cutting on heavier gauge metals
  • Cool cutting action with long life
  • Blades must be run in the direction of the arrow as indicated on the blade
  • Designed for use on professional metal-cutting saws
  • Premium micro grain carbide; Smaller grains mean more carbide per tooth - stay sharp and provides longer life over competitive blades
  • Cuts cool and fast
  • Metal blades cut cleanly with minimal sparks. Reduced fire hazards and less dust
  • Additional Metal- Cutting Carbide Blades Technical Information

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Dia Arbor Teeth Grind Type Max RPM Qty PART #  
5-3/8"(137mm) 20mm (10mm & 5/8" Bushing) 30T MTCG Cordless Circular Saw 4200 1 77915 Buy Now
6-1/2"(165mm) 5/8"(16mm) 40T TCG Circular Saw 5800 1 77920 Buy Now
7"(178mm) 20mm 36T TCG Metal-Cutting Circular Saw 5800 1 77936 Buy Now
7-1/4"(184mm) 5/8"(16mm)/Diamond 40T MTCG Circular Saw; Worm Drive Saw 5800 1 77930 Buy Now
8"(203mm) 5/8"(16mm)/Diamond 42T MTCG Circular Saw; Worm Drive Saw 5800 1 77940 Buy Now
9"(229mm) 1"(26mm) 48T TCG Circular Saw 3200 1 77947 Buy Now
10"(254mm) 5/8"(16mm) 52T TCG Circular Saw; Low RPM Metal-Cutting Saw 5200 1 77953 Buy Now
12"(305mm) 1"(26mm) 60T TCG Low RPM Metal-Cutting Saw 2000 1 77962 Buy Now
14"(356mm) 1"(26mm) 72T MTCG Low RPM Metal-Cutting Saw 1800 1 77972 Buy Now